WK 15- Classmate Conversation- Jennifer Lee

This week for the classmate conversation I met Jennifer Lee. She is currently a second year majoring in health care admin and plans on working at a children’s hospital in the future. I found this pretty interesting because Jennifer is probably the only person I know that likes to deal with children. I, on the other hand, can’t stand them because I’m just a really impatient person so it was great to meet someone who had a different view on it. Other interesting facts that I found out about Jennifer is that she likes to bake, watch korean dramas and take her dog on walks. I can relate to her when she enjoys taking her dog for walks because I also find that really fun. Jennifer and I then started to talk about our dogs which was fun because we both have pictures of our dogs on our phone. Jennifer’s favorite foods are mainly asian foods such as sushi, ramen and vietnamese food. I had a great time meeting Jennifer for this week’s classmate conversation. She seems like a really genuine and down to earth person and I hope she feels the same about me! (LOL).

Jennifer (left), me (right)



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