WK 15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: No website

Instagram: No instagram

For our last week’s artist conversation, we got the chance to meet Nancy Young. She is currently an undergrad here in California State University Long Beach but is graduating this this year. Young is stoked to receive BFA in print making and excited because this is her final show case in CSULB School of Art. Young had the opportunity to present her art work in the SOA galleries by asking for the chance to show her work to everyone. Besides working hard on her pieces, Young enjoys listening to music in her free time. She also enjoys the company of her dog and plans on having more in the future. However, she has been so busy working on her art works that she sometimes forget what it is like to have free time. Young’s art works explore the idea of her personal life and issues. All of her pieces represent a milestone, an issue, or a memory of what has happened in her life.

Most of Young’s art works are extremely intricate in the fact that all the details in each piece are very defined. There are a lot of lines, especially rough and rigged lines because of the materials and process she goes through when creating this works. Most of her art works are created using different plates such as zinc plates and other materials where she would use a sharp instrument to carve out her drawing. Then the end product would have rough, engraved looking lines in them. As for the color schemes of her works, they are mostly black or a very dull and faded kind of colors. The details in every piece are very on point and intricate in a sense that you took that photo and sharpened the image using a photo editor. All these works she has created have a lot of engraved, rough and jagged lines with much details.

These art works that Young has created all revolve around her personal life issues. Most of them are inspired by her dog because that is what keeps her sane and focused. Other inspirations her work explores are grief and loss because of the death of her husband. All these art pieces are just the little things in her personal life that she chooses to express through her art works. The images that she creates are all her own pictures that she takes and then uses that to turn into an art work. Young’s pieces also signify a bookmark for her as a reminder and a milestone of how far she’s come since the beginning of her art works.

I thought this week’s artist conversation with Nancy Young was truly one of a kind. I can tell that her art works are really from the depths of her heart and that she pours out her emotions through her pieces. This resonates in my life because for her, her art is just a way of expressing her personal life issues. It is not to make money or to become well known, but she does it for herself as a reminder of how far she’s come in life. As for me, I always thought that whatever I do such as major or minor in something had to be for the benefit of my future however, I realize now that I can just minor in something just for myself. I can do things for me just because I find an interest in it, not to satisfy my parent’s or anyones needs. Overall, I loved this last artist conversation and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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