WK 14- Art Experience-Sketching In The Garden

This week for our art experience we had to go to the Japanese Garden here in CSULB. I thought it was honestly pretty fun because I’ve only been to the japanese garden once before, but totally forgot how amazing it looked inside. I enjoyed walking around and just feeling really relaxed and calm in the garden. For this activity, we had to draw 3 general areas or items in the garden and 3 abstract photos. It was pretty easy for me to draw the generic pictures because I found some really cool sculptures that I thought would look interesting and that also had a lot of details. However, for the abstract ones I exactly know what to draw, but I tried my best to sketch out 3 abstract photos from the garden. Overall, I thought this art experience was really fun. I really enjoyed drawing even though I’m not great.

Representational Photos:

jap1 jap7

jap2 jap9

jap3 jap8

Abstract Photos:

jap4 jap11 (The reflection in the pond)

jap5 jap10 (The foam in the water)

jap6 jap12 (The bamboo)


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