WK 13- Classmate Conversation- Kordell Tan

This week for the classmate conversation I got to meet Kordell. It was pretty funny because I always kind of knew who Kordell was because we were in the same artist discussion groups in the Tuesday’s class! Kordell is a first year in CSULB majoring in Biomedical Engineering. As I kept talking to him, I found it really interesting how he’s in a band called The Saint Clairs. He started his band back in high school with some of his close friends and from there they started playing gigs every now and then! They even played in the House of Blues before which I thought was super cool! In his free time, he enjoys helping out with his church. He is the music ministry in his church where he plays the guitar and leads the worship songs. Kordell is into a lot of alternative rock and punk music. Some of his favorite bands are The Strokes and Bleachers. It was great finally getting to know Kordell and I’m glad I did because he seems like a genuinely nice and easy going person!

Kordell (left), Me (right)




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