WK 13- Art Experience-Art Care Package

This week for our art experience we had to send someone a care package. We put our addresses in a hat, and from there we randomly picked a slip of paper with someone’s address on it. I thought this was a pretty strange activity because I honestly had no idea what I wanted to put inside the care package. I just decided to check out the blog of whoever’s address I got and snooped around to see what her interests are. I didn’t really find much, so I eventually just put items that I thought were pretty interesting and useful. It was kind of fun creating this care package because I never really done something like this before, let alone make one for someone I don’t even know!

Sending someone a care package is similar to snapchat because people won’t know what to expect in both. They are all surprises that are either good or bad or just plain boring. However, what’s different about these are that snapchats only last for a few seconds and their gone. Unlike an ACP these seem more genuine and they are real, physical items that are delivered to you. I think ephemera just depends on what it is that’s given and to whom it’s given to. If it was a special bracelet that was given to you by your great grandma and you decide to send it off to your best friend, then that can mean something sincere and deep like “I really value our friendship.” But if you give it to someone random, they won’t treasure it as much because they don’t know you and they won’t know what value that bracelet has to you.

I don’t think there is a difference between art seen in a museum and one that’s a care package, but art is whatever you make of it. If someone expresses their emotions onto a painting then that’s how they show art, but if someone’s art is sending care packages, then that is another form of art. Making an ACP does take time and effort, but it’s more sincere and holds more value than just a snapchat. You can prepare a care package with love if you strongly hope to do so. It just depends on your attitude and good intentions of what you put in.




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