WK 12- Classmate Conversation- Christine Kim

Today I had the chance to meet Christine Kim! She’s born and raised in the city of Long Beach and is currently a second year here at CSULB majoring in accounting. In the future she wishes to be a successful business woman. Christine currently works at two different places, the first one being Pieology and the second one CPA, where she does people’s taxes. I thought that was pretty cool because since she’s an accounting major, the CPA job would only benefit her and her future career! Some other interesting facts about Christine is that she is a cat person! She used to be a dog person, but soon realized that the independence cats have kind of reflect how she is as a person. She is extremely independent and doesn’t like anything holding her back. Her favorite TV show is hands down Greys Anatomy! In Christine’s free time, she enjoys heading to the gym to work out. She calls herself a “workout junkie!” Her favorite food is sushi, but she only likes sashimi because it’s real raw fish compared to fake sushi such as a california rolls. As for music, she enjoys a range of music from rap to indie to EDM and more! Her favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar, favorite EDM artist is Porter Robinson and Wave Racer and for Indie music she likes Ingrid Michelson. And lastly an interesting fact about Christine is that she has never built a bear at build-a-bear!

me (left), Christine (right)




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