WK 12- Art Experience- Game Design

This week for our art experience we did something that I thought was super fun and entertaining. At first I never knew what geocaching was and that so many people are involved with this activity. When finding the geocache, it was pretty irritating because all the ones that were supposedly near me were either taken or completely impossible to find. My friends and I walked around the whole campus and ended up at the parking structure near the pyramid. We finally found one hidden between the crevices of a wall and another structure. It was exciting to finally find one and see what people put in there. Inside were a lot of random stuff like paper, little trinkets and a bracelet. As for the geocache that I created, it was pretty easy. I added some seashells that I found by the beach, a hand wipe, a paperclip, a note from a fortune cookie and other random stuff. The GPS coordinate of the cache I placed is at N 33.787633 and E -118.119135. A small hint for whoever is down to find mine is “Parkside College- Plants.” Have fun!

After this art experience, it didn’t really make me think twice about different places. I think for me, it was just really interesting to see how creative some people can get when trying to hide one of this caches. I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activity and will definitely try to find another geocache some time in the future.


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