WK 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

I believe words and picture can capture an experience because everyone has their own interpretation of what they see from either a word or a picture. They have their own imagination and everyone just experiences it in a different way. As for the style of words or images, they matter in a sense of what the picture is trying to convey. For example if there was a blurry image and the only clear focus on the image was on a specific object or person, then that’s what the picture is trying to focus on. A way to share an experience with someone who isn’t there live is simply to take pictures or videos. Capturing experiences through a camera or phone lens may not grab ahold of every aspect of the experience, but it definitely is a simple way to achieve it.

This week for our art experience we did something pretty interesting. We all met at the SOA gallery and from there went to the library to pick out a childrens book. I loved picking out a childrens book because it reminded me of the books I used to read when I was little. I picked out a book called Mr. Wuffles and from there we went to the waiting area down at the library. We looked through our books and after a bit switched with someone else. It was a bit odd not taking pictures because I was tempted to take a few pictures of my book and just the overall experience. After that part, we went to the bookstore to see the different stations that we set up. I thought it was really eye opening because even though everyone calls our bookstore “the bookstore,” there are more than just books being sold. I checked out the guitar section upstairs, and the area selling CSULB attire.


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