WK 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Mixed Media

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No website

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

This week we got to see a rather interesting artist named Nick Bamford. He is currently an undergraduate in California State University Long Beach getting a BFA in the Ceramics program. Bamford grew up in Huntington Beach where he first discovered his passion for art. In high school, he took a ceramics class in which he began to find interest in making more art sculptures using ceramics. Bamford always enjoyed art when he was younger and knew that when he grew up he would want to follow his dream and make some really unique pieces. Bamford’s art works explore the idea of taking different items from their original context and putting them into a different form of context. He also enjoys to try new things such as black lights and sculpting different works using a lot of random items. Besides art, he enjoys just making things and being inventive. He also enjoys painting, sculpting and just working on his current projects in his free time.

Bamford’s art works are extremely interesting to say the least. When I first walked into the gallery, I noticed three huge sculptures with black lights and a lot of different items being put together. The color scheme was pretty much green, pink, orange, blue, and purple black lights on each sculpture. These pieces had a lot of straight, linear objects that held the items together. There were shoes, fans, flag, pictures, chains, bells and a lot of random items in the pieces. It seemed like all these items were clustered onto the sculpture that was being held together by long pipes and other linear and rectangular handles and sticks. Bamford’s works were very colorful and contained a lot of linear lines and strings and items that were clustered in that made it very interesting.

Bamford’s ideas and inspiration for his work is just the idea of putting different, random items from their original context into another form of context. Like the shoe in his sculptures, the shoe is supposed to be worn on someone’s feet however, he puts it in a different context such as hanging it off a pipe like piece from his sculpture. His ideas explore the sense of stepping outside the box and trying something new. Bamford isn’t afraid of being different and creative in a sense of what other people might presume as putting random stuff together and calling it art. When creating his pieces, Bamford just focused solely on putting different items into a context where know one would understand, but I suppose that’s what makes him unique.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s artist, Nick Bamford. His works, unlike any other artist I’ve seen has really made me see art as something else. I enjoyed his creativity with items and putting them in different forms and context, but I’m not exactly sure how it resonates with my life exactly. I suppose that I would need to step out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to try new things. I’m always afraid of judgement, but from Bamford’s work, it made me realize I should do things for the experience and not care about what others might thing of me.


WK 13- Classmate Conversation- Kordell Tan

This week for the classmate conversation I got to meet Kordell. It was pretty funny because I always kind of knew who Kordell was because we were in the same artist discussion groups in the Tuesday’s class! Kordell is a first year in CSULB majoring in Biomedical Engineering. As I kept talking to him, I found it really interesting how he’s in a band called The Saint Clairs. He started his band back in high school with some of his close friends and from there they started playing gigs every now and then! They even played in the House of Blues before which I thought was super cool! In his free time, he enjoys helping out with his church. He is the music ministry in his church where he plays the guitar and leads the worship songs. Kordell is into a lot of alternative rock and punk music. Some of his favorite bands are The Strokes and Bleachers. It was great finally getting to know Kordell and I’m glad I did because he seems like a genuinely nice and easy going person!

Kordell (left), Me (right)



WK 13- Art Experience-Art Care Package

This week for our art experience we had to send someone a care package. We put our addresses in a hat, and from there we randomly picked a slip of paper with someone’s address on it. I thought this was a pretty strange activity because I honestly had no idea what I wanted to put inside the care package. I just decided to check out the blog of whoever’s address I got and snooped around to see what her interests are. I didn’t really find much, so I eventually just put items that I thought were pretty interesting and useful. It was kind of fun creating this care package because I never really done something like this before, let alone make one for someone I don’t even know!

Sending someone a care package is similar to snapchat because people won’t know what to expect in both. They are all surprises that are either good or bad or just plain boring. However, what’s different about these are that snapchats only last for a few seconds and their gone. Unlike an ACP these seem more genuine and they are real, physical items that are delivered to you. I think ephemera just depends on what it is that’s given and to whom it’s given to. If it was a special bracelet that was given to you by your great grandma and you decide to send it off to your best friend, then that can mean something sincere and deep like “I really value our friendship.” But if you give it to someone random, they won’t treasure it as much because they don’t know you and they won’t know what value that bracelet has to you.

I don’t think there is a difference between art seen in a museum and one that’s a care package, but art is whatever you make of it. If someone expresses their emotions onto a painting then that’s how they show art, but if someone’s art is sending care packages, then that is another form of art. Making an ACP does take time and effort, but it’s more sincere and holds more value than just a snapchat. You can prepare a care package with love if you strongly hope to do so. It just depends on your attitude and good intentions of what you put in.



WK 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Print studio

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No Website

Instagram: No Instagram

This week for our artist conversation, I got the chance to meet Jennifer Chen. This is currently her last year here in California State University Long Beach. She is an undergraduate here at CSULB and used to be a Biology major until she realized her interests were focused more on art. She has a lot of different interests other than biology that she thinks will help her grow in different ways. This Printmaking program Chen is in is a way to help her reflect, express, and connect herself to the different art pieces she creates. Her art works explore the idea of the disturbance of landscapes or monuments that has been changed over time by nature itself. Besides Chen’s work in digital printing, she worked in a Bio corps and small, midsize companies that help people revolve around the health business. Chen’s plans in the future are to teach the Art 270 class here in CSULB where she gets to not only help others pursue their interest in art, but also gain more money!

Chen’s artworks consist of an image she searches from Google Maps or of what she takes using her own camera. She prints out these landscape pictures on Epson and spends a lot of time photoshopping these images. She then finalizes her work, prints it out using a silk screen to create her stencil before she starts painting from there. At the end, Chen would use a gloss to lay over the art piece to make it look 3-dimensional. All of her art pieces are fairly similar yet different. She uses a lot of colors such as green, pink, white, grey and more. Most of her works have a lot of bits and pieces that are jagged and very blotchy. Other works such as the green and pink one has a lot of rectangles, straight lines, but once looking closer can see the crooked and jagged lines. This is due to her photoshopping these pieces because she cuts and pastes these images everywhere, giving it a very jagged look. The texture on all her work are very shiny and glossy because of the gloss layer she adds on them.

Chen’s artworks are about the changes that happens to nature’s landscape after disturbances such as floods, fires, etc. Overtime, these landscapes changes and she tries to capture these different changes into her art. An example Chan gave us was that overtime these landscape changes from weeds being grown to shrubs and trees. Not only does Chen create pieces that show the overall change in a landscape, she also makes pieces that magnifies something you don’t notice in every day life. An example would be the piece where she magnifies a piece of bark and she tries to capture the qualities it has that people do not often take notice of. She hopes that whoever sees her work will take notice of the changes and/or disturbances the nature takes on different landscapes.

I thought Chen’s work was pretty interesting because of the process she goes about in creating her pieces. I notice a lot of artists either use only paint, color pencils, spray paint, markers or etc to create their pieces however, Chen’s way of using digital printing and coating it with gloss is very intriguing on my part. Her work of the disturbance of landscapes resonates with my life because I usually don’t take notice of how drastic nature can change within a matter of years. Since I live in an area with a lot of hiking trails, trees, and greenery I usually take these beautiful sites and views for granted. I see how in the fall, the colors start to fade and as spring time comes, everything is in full bloom! This made me realize that sometimes I do take things for granted and should be more grateful for what I have around me.

jennifer4                 jennifer3jennifer2                  jennifer1

WK 12- Classmate Conversation- Christine Kim

Today I had the chance to meet Christine Kim! She’s born and raised in the city of Long Beach and is currently a second year here at CSULB majoring in accounting. In the future she wishes to be a successful business woman. Christine currently works at two different places, the first one being Pieology and the second one CPA, where she does people’s taxes. I thought that was pretty cool because since she’s an accounting major, the CPA job would only benefit her and her future career! Some other interesting facts about Christine is that she is a cat person! She used to be a dog person, but soon realized that the independence cats have kind of reflect how she is as a person. She is extremely independent and doesn’t like anything holding her back. Her favorite TV show is hands down Greys Anatomy! In Christine’s free time, she enjoys heading to the gym to work out. She calls herself a “workout junkie!” Her favorite food is sushi, but she only likes sashimi because it’s real raw fish compared to fake sushi such as a california rolls. As for music, she enjoys a range of music from rap to indie to EDM and more! Her favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar, favorite EDM artist is Porter Robinson and Wave Racer and for Indie music she likes Ingrid Michelson. And lastly an interesting fact about Christine is that she has never built a bear at build-a-bear!

me (left), Christine (right)



WK 12- Art Experience- Game Design

This week for our art experience we did something that I thought was super fun and entertaining. At first I never knew what geocaching was and that so many people are involved with this activity. When finding the geocache, it was pretty irritating because all the ones that were supposedly near me were either taken or completely impossible to find. My friends and I walked around the whole campus and ended up at the parking structure near the pyramid. We finally found one hidden between the crevices of a wall and another structure. It was exciting to finally find one and see what people put in there. Inside were a lot of random stuff like paper, little trinkets and a bracelet. As for the geocache that I created, it was pretty easy. I added some seashells that I found by the beach, a hand wipe, a paperclip, a note from a fortune cookie and other random stuff. The GPS coordinate of the cache I placed is at N 33.787633 and E -118.119135. A small hint for whoever is down to find mine is “Parkside College- Plants.” Have fun!

After this art experience, it didn’t really make me think twice about different places. I think for me, it was just really interesting to see how creative some people can get when trying to hide one of this caches. I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activity and will definitely try to find another geocache some time in the future.

WK 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

I believe words and picture can capture an experience because everyone has their own interpretation of what they see from either a word or a picture. They have their own imagination and everyone just experiences it in a different way. As for the style of words or images, they matter in a sense of what the picture is trying to convey. For example if there was a blurry image and the only clear focus on the image was on a specific object or person, then that’s what the picture is trying to focus on. A way to share an experience with someone who isn’t there live is simply to take pictures or videos. Capturing experiences through a camera or phone lens may not grab ahold of every aspect of the experience, but it definitely is a simple way to achieve it.

This week for our art experience we did something pretty interesting. We all met at the SOA gallery and from there went to the library to pick out a childrens book. I loved picking out a childrens book because it reminded me of the books I used to read when I was little. I picked out a book called Mr. Wuffles and from there we went to the waiting area down at the library. We looked through our books and after a bit switched with someone else. It was a bit odd not taking pictures because I was tempted to take a few pictures of my book and just the overall experience. After that part, we went to the bookstore to see the different stations that we set up. I thought it was really eye opening because even though everyone calls our bookstore “the bookstore,” there are more than just books being sold. I checked out the guitar section upstairs, and the area selling CSULB attire.