WK 10- Classmate Conversation- Charles Watson

This week I had the chance to meet Charles Watson. This is his first year here in California State University Long Beach. He went to a community college called Orange Coast College for four years prior to attending CSULB. Charles is film major and hopes to be a screen writer or direct movies in the future. In his free time, Charles likes to watch movies, study movies, read and listen to music. He also enjoys buying cd, records, and dvd’s so he can have a collection of those items. His favorite book is called Siddhartha and his favorite movie is no other than 2001 Space Odyssey! It was cool getting to know Charles because we found out that we both enjoy burgers and fries. However, he loves all kinds of foods too such as Japanese, Vietnamese, and Arabic food. Charles also loves to buy clothes. He goes to shopping centers such as South Coast Plaza or The Lab to buy his clothes. By the way, his favorite store is Uniqlo! Lastly, an interesting fact about Charles is that he has done karate since he was 5 years old. He earned his black belt and now teaches younger kids how to do karate. His teaching job also takes him traveling to places such as Sweden, Paris, and Stockholm. It was great getting to chat with Charles, I hope to get to know him better!

me (left), Charles (right)

charles watson


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