WK 10- Art Experience- Instagram

This week’s art experience was really interesting to say the least. Our task was to take a minimum of four pictures throughout our day and post it on Instagram with the hashtag art110s16. When I first looked at the hashtag pictures, a lot of similar pictures were posted. There were a lot of nature-y pictures, food pictures, selfies, or a picture with friends. I posted four pictures which consisted of what I see through that day. I took a picture of the sky and some trees, a picture of me in the shuttle, the outside portion of The Beach Hut, and lastly a picture in the art gallery. It was great to see how everyone goes through their day so differently than mine. I really enjoyed this experience because it allowed me to get a new perspective on how everyone else live their lives and what they see on the daily. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, except the fact that I had to make a new email to create a new Instagram account, which I will never use ever again.

I screenshot two of my favorite posts that other people posted and also included two of my posts.


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