CHIP 2000

chip 2000

Hi everyone my name is CHIP 2000. My life here on Moonbase Alpha started a few years back. I was taking my usual morning walk in the woods when I see this clear translucent  looking loop hole behind a tall pine tree. I slipped my hand through the clear tunnel and to my amazement, I ended up here in Moonbase Alpha. I love it here! Almost everything is made of glass and the best part is I can literally do anything I want. I can fly, read minds, have super strength, am incredibly smart, and much more. I can also change my identity any time I want. In Moonbase Alpha, you can be whatever and whoever you want!

Don’t forget to check out these beings below!

This girl lives down the street from me. She may seem super friendly, but watch out she is a thief. After she gets you to trust her, she creeps inside your house and takes things.

EVERYONE BEFRIEND HER !!! She is the smartest being here in Moonbase. However, if you ever invite her over bring a lot of food! She devours everything in my kitchen.

Don’t forget to check out my homie! He is the laziest guy you will ever meet, but the most genuine. Bring breath mints if you go see him because he has the nastiest breath alive!




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