WK 8- Classmate Conversation- Aaron Valenzuela

For the classmate conversation this week, I met Aaron Valenzuela. He is currently a first year majoring in film in CSULB. Aaron was born and raised in Downey. He is an only child, but doesn’t mind because he has a lot of friends and his dog to keep him company. He enjoys a lot of activities such as soccer and playing FIFA or Call of Duty with his friends. On his free time, he enjoys playing with his dog, hanging out with friends, and editing videos. I actually met Aaron once before when we were in the same discussion group last Tuesday in our art class. He told me that he started to become interested in film ever since he started watching youtube videos. He thought it was cool how people shot videos in different angles and decided that’s what he wanted to pursue. Aaron is a really cool guy! His favorite food is homemade tacos and his favorite artist is J Cole. When Aaron grows up he wishes to be a film maker or anywhere working in the film industry. Lastly, an interesting fact about Aaron is that he can speak three languages: English, Spanish and French!

Aaron (left), me (right)

aaron valenzuela


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