WK 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This week for our art experience we did an automatic drawing. At first I was really confused on what exactly we were supposed to do. I thought it was pretty silly to just let the pencil move itself. My friend Judy helped me with this activity. At first we didn’t close our eyes because we just thought it was weird and a bit awkward. However, as it seemed to not really work with our eyes open, we decided to close our eyes and to our disbelief, the marker started moving! We kept laughing and blaming each other for moving the marker, but it was honestly so cool! It seemed as if I wasn’t moving, but I was? I was confused, but it was a great and fun experience. We chose to use a lot of different colors because I wanted this drawing to be very colorful and fun. You can see the darker sharpie lines were the failed attempts where we kept our eyes open. The lighter colors such as purple, blue, pink, green and yellow were the successful attempts as we closed our eyes. This art experience was super interesting and I’m glad I had to chance to try something so different like this!


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