WK 7- Classmate Conversation- Andrew Andrade

This week’s classmate conversation was with Andrew Andrade. He is currently a second year in CSULB majoring in political science. Andrew was born in Downey, but grew up in the city of Lakewood which isn’t that far from here. He enjoys a lot of different sports including baseball, basketball, cross country, and wrestling. He wrestled throughout high school and really found a passion in it. However now since he is in college he is focusing more on trying to get through his classes, getting through criminal law and eventually getting into a law school. Although it’s still pretty early, he is just going to play by the years and see where he goes from here. Some fun facts about Andrew is that he is into Disney. He loves all Disney movies as well as Disneyland. He goes to Disneyland quite often because he has an annual pass. His top favorite foods are Mexican food, Japanese food, and Korean BBQ. Andrew’s favorite artist is John Legend and The Weeknd, but it usually jumps around and just depends on what mood he’s feeling. He also has one dog named Charlie which he loves to pieces. Lastly, an interesting fact about Andrew is that he can do a 360 spin on his head…barely.

Andrew (left), me (right)

andrew andrade


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