WK 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, Clay, Cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrswdubbayoo

Instagram: andreawilliammms

This week I interviewed the artist, Andrea Williams. Williams is currently an undergraduate student in the art department focusing on ceramics. She works with mostly ceramics and cement, as well as raw clay. Williams was born and raised in the city of Riverside. She found her passion for art ever since she was a little girl. Art and music had played a big role in her family since the start, which also contributed to her passion for making art. It was not until her 20’s where she actually started using ceramics as the main source of material for her art pieces. Her hobbies are playing with her dog and chickens, and just being a mom. She is also religious and her work portrays a lot of elements to do with Christianity. Williams’s art explores and encompasses a lot of religiosity and sacrifice of not only a particular faith, but also of women and their body.

The formal qualities in Williams’s art pieces are very rough and jagged. Most of her work are not smoothed out and can usually see some of her hand prints or fingers on the art itself. The texture is very rough because she uses her hands to sculpt out the shapes she wants the piece to look like. Also, the pieces have a sort of clump-like texture that is prominent in all of her works. It looks as if cement or raw clay was splattered onto the big platform. Some of the clumps also have a wrinkly look to them, like as if they were starting to drip and slide off the piece, but dried in the process. The clumps on the piece look droopy, rough, and has a lot of jagged lines. Most of the religious drawings are in a brown and white color with lighter pink and orange colors for the shading. Toward the bottom of every piece, she uses clay to form another piece that relates to the drawing. The clay piece on the bottom is a bit smoother in texture; however, there are still indents of lines or bumps on the clay mold which makes it look not as smooth.

Williams’s pieces are mainly about religious aspects such as sacrifices and women’s bodies in particular. Her work is religious, but also has a twist to it. Because Williams is religious, she uses her knowledge of Christianity to create a piece that portrays all the aspects of what she believes is important in Christ. Her work not only explores religiosity, but also women’s bodies and their time, which usually goes unnoticed. So from those reasons, she creates her art works using women’s bodies while adding the religious concepts into them. Because she is also a mother, her ideas of women’s bodies and sacrificing comes into play with her works. She uses the parallels she has with her faith, work, and family to create these art works.

I thought it was very interesting to see these works because these art works aren’t usually seen. Her idea of using her religion as well as her own faith and experience as a mother, resonates with me because it shows that you can create whatever you want with any ideas you perceive. She combines a mix of ideas to create these interesting forms of art works that are very different. Before, I thought that artists only focus on one aspect or situation that happened in their life to create their pieces; but from Williams, I learned that you can use a mix of emotions and aspects in your life to create something out of the ordinary and to also create a statement for all.


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