WK 7- Art Experience- Group Video Activity

This week’s art experience was the group video activity. I grouped with two of my friends, Katherine and Tiffany and we decided to do a different yet fun and interesting video. Our video was about us showing you a few simple yoga positions that can help release tension and also increase flexibility. In the video, we demonstrated each position while giving full description on how to achieve that pose. The three yoga positions included the tree pose, cobra pose and the child’s pose, each stretching a different part of your body. We thought this group video activity was extremely fun because it got our creative juices flowing. It was a great experience because we got to not only have fun with our friends and create a fun video, but it was also a great way to get creative and imaginative with the video. At first we could not decide on what to do for the video, but with all our options we ended up with the yoga video. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this group video activity! It was one of the best art experiences we’ve done so far and I had a lot of fun doing it.



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