WK 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

This week we did a photowalk led by Crysta Tim. This was a very fun experience because we went to see a lot of cool places around upper campus and the USU. Even though I’ve been to the places we visited, it was still really interesting to actually get the time to really observe the places in school. We first saw big monuments on upper campus by the FA buildings, then we went to the water fountain in front of Brotman Hall. We then went down to the USU and looked around the fun, entertaining places such as the pool table, the big jenga game, the bowling alley, and the big seating area where people watch TV. It was a fun experience because even though I been to most of these places, I never really took the time to actually look around and enjoy the nice places to hang out with friends. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this photowalk experience because I liked walking around the school and observing the nice monuments and entertainment we have. I also like how we got to choose which leader we get to go with depending on what we wanted to see.



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