WK 5- Classmate Conversation- Francesca Butler

This week’s classmate conversation was with Francesca Butler. She is currently a senior majoring in dance and minoring in Spanish. She grew up in the bay area with one older sister and one older brother. Her favorite hobby is dancing. She says she dances 24/7 because it is her favorite thing to do. She especially loves contemporary ballet and contemporary modern dance. She enjoys expressing herself through dancing to different types of music. Speaking of music, she doesn’t have a favorite artist, but RL Grime is on the top of the list. She also listens to a lot of the music she dances to because of how much time she spends practicing and just having fun with dancing. She started dancing since she can remember, she never liked any sports, only dance. After Francesca graduates she wants to get into Lines Ballet, which is one of the top ballet companies out there. She wishes to train there first, and eventually dance for that studio. Some interesting facts are that she loves sushi, especially the sushi at Sushi Fire one 2nd street in Long Beach.

me (left), Francesca (right)

francesca butler


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