WK 5- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: no website

Instagram: kreeestol

This week’s artist conversation is Krystal Ramirez. She is currently an undergraduate student in California State Long Beach University. She was actually a transfer and has been here for two years working on art. She majors in the 3D media program, which mainly focuses on metals. Ramirez is from Huntington and enjoys a variety of activities such as thrifting, antiquing, doing DIY projects and occasionally likes to paint. Ramirez’s work explores a range of things starting with her drawing and painting background. She uses that as an inspiration to create her pieces and also focuses on the movement and linear forn of different drawings and paintings. She used to be in love with 2D art, but has recently shifted her focus on creating work that’s done in 3D. Ramirez decided to focus on using metals because in high school she took a jewelry class and instantly fell in love with it. What Ramirez wants to do after graduating is still in the process; she wants to come back out to do industrial design with functional objects or product design.

krystal 1

This piece of work is a necklace Ramirez created. She used the metal brass to create it. The look of this necklace has very sharp and jagged pieces. There are curved pieces, pieces that go in a loop, some triangular pieces, and other pieces that look like a hook. The color of this necklace is a kind of brassy gold color. It looks shiny in the light, but also has a hint of a rustic feel to it. These sharp pieces are also very thin and fragile looking. They connect to each other in a very detailed and specific manner. This necklace looks like it frames the collarbone and neck perfectly with its thin, sharp pieces.

This necklace was actually inspired by music. Ramirez picked and studied a Brazilian type song and from there started drawing and painting whatever came into her head. She started with geometric and linear lines, that soon became loops with a lot of different shapes to them. Soon, she started drawing women dancing in different positions. Ramirez used the female’s figure in the necklace. The movement of arms and legs were an inspiration to her thin, sharp, loops of pieces that came together in her necklace. Ramirez used the music and her drawing abilities to help create this piece of necklace. The ideas she explores are the different movements, shapes, and forms metals can take. In this necklace she uses the sheet metal brass and starts to heat it. After heating it, she has the ability to stretch and twist this metal into any form she likes. Ramirez likes the idea of playing around with different metals to see how different each product can end up by using the same material.

I thought this week’s artist was really interesting. I’ve never really seen an artist work with a metal material before, let alone creating a lot of different and unique pieces. The artist’s work resonates in my life because it shows me that I can do basically anything. In this case, she’s using metal as a way to create different forms and movements in pieces. As for my life, it shows I can do anything and everything I want. I can go out of my way and try to join a sports team, or start an instrument, etc.


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