WK 4-Classmate Conversation-Katherine Shinno

This week’s classmate conversation was with Katherine Shinno. Katherine is currently a first year in CSULB majoring in Communications. She grew up in South Pasadena with her family and one older sister who also graduated from California State University Long Beach. Katherine’s hobbies are hanging out with friends and family, going to amusement parks, hiking, and exploring and finding new places to eat at. She enjoys a variety of stuff such as playing and just lounging around and watch Friends in her free time. Her favorite food is burger and fries which she thinks is the best combination of food one can get. Her favorite color is blue, but to be specific she loves baby blue and teal. Katherine is very fun and outgoing, she loves to listen to music as well. Her favorite artist is Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Her sense of style varies from day to day, but Katherine loves to mix up her outfit depending on how she feels that day. Her favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and Pacsun. Lastly, an interesting fact about Katherine is that her celebrity crush is Dylan O’ Brien.

Katherine (left), me (right)

katherine shin


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