WK 4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing

This week’s art experience was to graffiti write on either the legal graffiti wall in Venice Beach or just on a piece of cardboard or wood. I chose to do my graffiti writing on a long piece of cardboard just cause I didn’t have enough time to go to Venice. This experience was extremely fun because I’ve never actually worked with spray paint before. I used pink spray paint to write my first name ‘Cheryl’ in bubble letters, then outlined it with a baby blue color. I then used a pistachio colored spray paint and just added some decorations on the side of the cardboard. It was fun to use spray paint as a form of art because when I was spraying my name I could tell how fun and easy it was to handle the paint. It felt easy and interesting to create a picture or a word using spray paint because the end product comes out looking quite unique. Unlike other forms of art materials such as paint, markers, or sculptures, spray paint comes out a different way. This graffiti writing experience helped me open my eyes to see how art can be made with literally anything.

graffiti writing


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