WK 3- Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Van Gilder

For my classmate conversation, I chose Tiffany Van Gilder. She is currently a first year majoring in journalism. She grew up in a place called Cimi Valley and enjoys a variety of hobbies. Tiffany is the only child, but she’s content with that because she is very close to her mom. Her favorite hobbies are watching movies, photography, camping, hiking, and any outdoorsy activities. She likes to be active yet sometimes she likes to lounge around and stream Netflix. Tiffany’s favorite Netflix show is a tie between The Office and One Tree Hill, she’s obsessed! In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and just catching up over lunch or dinner. Her future goal is to be an editor in a magazine, but if that doesn’t work out, she wishes to coordinate event planning. Lastly, an interesting fact about Tiffany is that she is left handed and when she was in middle school she used to play the clarinet.

Me (left) and Tiffany (right)



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