WK 3-Art Experience- Snapchat

This art experience with snapchat was so creative! I never thought that using snapchat, an everyday essential on social media, can be portrayed as a kind of art. In this activity, our class met up at the SOA courtyard and were given instructions to take two snapchats of your own and draw on the pictures or use any tools on the app to add to the picture. We then had to screenshot two of our class mate’s snapchat of their drawing and post it on here as well. This was fun because it really allowed us to just be ourselves and be creative at the same time. The most fun part was that we could take any picture we wanted such as your friend, the tree, the sky, an art work, anything!

The following are my snapchats:

snapchat 1 snapchat 2

Valentina Ramirez and Tiffany Van Gilder’s snapchat:

snapchat 3 snapchat 4


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