WK 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

This week we did a photowalk led by Crysta Tim. This was a very fun experience because we went to see a lot of cool places around upper campus and the USU. Even though I’ve been to the places we visited, it was still really interesting to actually get the time to really observe the places in school. We first saw big monuments on upper campus by the FA buildings, then we went to the water fountain in front of Brotman Hall. We then went down to the USU and looked around the fun, entertaining places such as the pool table, the big jenga game, the bowling alley, and the big seating area where people watch TV. It was a fun experience because even though I been to most of these places, I never really took the time to actually look around and enjoy the nice places to hang out with friends. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this photowalk experience because I liked walking around the school and observing the nice monuments and entertainment we have. I also like how we got to choose which leader we get to go with depending on what we wanted to see.



WK 5- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: no website

Instagram: kreeestol

This week’s artist conversation is Krystal Ramirez. She is currently an undergraduate student in California State Long Beach University. She was actually a transfer and has been here for two years working on art. She majors in the 3D media program, which mainly focuses on metals. Ramirez is from Huntington and enjoys a variety of activities such as thrifting, antiquing, doing DIY projects and occasionally likes to paint. Ramirez’s work explores a range of things starting with her drawing and painting background. She uses that as an inspiration to create her pieces and also focuses on the movement and linear forn of different drawings and paintings. She used to be in love with 2D art, but has recently shifted her focus on creating work that’s done in 3D. Ramirez decided to focus on using metals because in high school she took a jewelry class and instantly fell in love with it. What Ramirez wants to do after graduating is still in the process; she wants to come back out to do industrial design with functional objects or product design.

krystal 1

This piece of work is a necklace Ramirez created. She used the metal brass to create it. The look of this necklace has very sharp and jagged pieces. There are curved pieces, pieces that go in a loop, some triangular pieces, and other pieces that look like a hook. The color of this necklace is a kind of brassy gold color. It looks shiny in the light, but also has a hint of a rustic feel to it. These sharp pieces are also very thin and fragile looking. They connect to each other in a very detailed and specific manner. This necklace looks like it frames the collarbone and neck perfectly with its thin, sharp pieces.

This necklace was actually inspired by music. Ramirez picked and studied a Brazilian type song and from there started drawing and painting whatever came into her head. She started with geometric and linear lines, that soon became loops with a lot of different shapes to them. Soon, she started drawing women dancing in different positions. Ramirez used the female’s figure in the necklace. The movement of arms and legs were an inspiration to her thin, sharp, loops of pieces that came together in her necklace. Ramirez used the music and her drawing abilities to help create this piece of necklace. The ideas she explores are the different movements, shapes, and forms metals can take. In this necklace she uses the sheet metal brass and starts to heat it. After heating it, she has the ability to stretch and twist this metal into any form she likes. Ramirez likes the idea of playing around with different metals to see how different each product can end up by using the same material.

I thought this week’s artist was really interesting. I’ve never really seen an artist work with a metal material before, let alone creating a lot of different and unique pieces. The artist’s work resonates in my life because it shows me that I can do basically anything. In this case, she’s using metal as a way to create different forms and movements in pieces. As for my life, it shows I can do anything and everything I want. I can go out of my way and try to join a sports team, or start an instrument, etc.

WK 5- Classmate Conversation- Francesca Butler

This week’s classmate conversation was with Francesca Butler. She is currently a senior majoring in dance and minoring in Spanish. She grew up in the bay area with one older sister and one older brother. Her favorite hobby is dancing. She says she dances 24/7 because it is her favorite thing to do. She especially loves contemporary ballet and contemporary modern dance. She enjoys expressing herself through dancing to different types of music. Speaking of music, she doesn’t have a favorite artist, but RL Grime is on the top of the list. She also listens to a lot of the music she dances to because of how much time she spends practicing and just having fun with dancing. She started dancing since she can remember, she never liked any sports, only dance. After Francesca graduates she wants to get into Lines Ballet, which is one of the top ballet companies out there. She wishes to train there first, and eventually dance for that studio. Some interesting facts are that she loves sushi, especially the sushi at Sushi Fire one 2nd street in Long Beach.

me (left), Francesca (right)

francesca butler

WK 5- Art Experience- Cuisine,Couture or Coiffure

In this week’s art experience, we did something very out of the ordinary. I chose to do cuisine because I felt that creating some kind of meal and presenting it in a very aesthetic way was rather fun. I had the help of my mom to make this breakfast meal. We toasted two slices of bread, cooked dice potatoes, onion, bell peppers, sausages, eggs, and bacon. We then cut up pieces of watermelon, dragon fruit and one grape. I wanted a very clean and white plate and table so that the colorful food would really stand out. On the side, I blended a healthy smoothie that included kale, pineapple, lemon and apples. I got the napkin from a restaurant I went to a while back, but used it in this picture so that it would look clean and fresh, like straight out of a diner. On the other side, I wrapped a fork and knife with a napkin which made the picture even more well put together. This experience was fun because it made me feel creative in cooking food and the placement of it.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Aesthetic breakfast cuisine 

WK 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: The Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

Samuel Jernigan is currently a graduate student in California State University Long Beach. He majored in BFA and ceramics and continues to focus on his works as a graduate student. Jernigan grew up in Central California in the Bay area where he discovered his love for art. Other interesting facts about Jernigan is that he loves food especially fresh tomatoes. In his free time, playing his guitar helps him relax from the stress of his work. Jernigan chose to use ceramics in most of his works because of his background with that material. He used to work in a ceramic production company and from there decided to use ceramic as the main foundation of his pieces. Because Jernigan already knew how to handle and work with ceramics, and knew its basic vocabulary, he decided to focus on working with it. Jernigan’s work explores the idea of unfixing an identity with the influence of toys. His ideas explore specific identities, in this case toys, and unfixing it to where it’s something more sophisticated and flexible. He creates a work with meaning and changes it to go deeper.

This piece’s foundation is made from ceramic. The piece is of a women’s neck, shoulders and bust. The structure of the dress has some straight and diagonal lines indented to make the work seem more realistic. Where the head is supposed to be is replaced with these colorful, circular tube-like pipes that sit right on top of each other. The red circular shape is the longest and as it goes down these tube-like pipes appear to be smaller. The texture of this piece seems very smooth and soft. There are no jagged or abrupt lines anywhere on this work. There are a lot of colors such as red, purple, blue, green, yellow, peach, and a pink, coral type of color. The neck and the top of the dress’s colors are so well painted on that it makes the work look less flat.

This piece is about the unfix identity of a fixed meaning. So to elaborate on that, this piece’s unfixed identity is the upper part of a women. She is supposed to have a normal head and body, but what this piece shows is that you can unfix, or undo, that normalcy and give it a whole new meaning. Jernigan added the colorful looking circular toss toys as the head to show that these can be interchangeable, meaning one piece can have multiple meanings if you unfix it. In this case, the top colorful toys can be taken off and replaced with a variety of his works displayed in the room. This shows that some works may seem specific but he fixes its identity to recreate a new image.

This resonates for me because it showed me how art doesn’t have to be a flat surface. It also showed me how one thing can have more than one meaning just by changing one little factor. I really enjoyed Jernigan’s works because he goes so deep into his work and really makes you think. Before I would think that in order to be a good artist, you need to either learn to draw, design, sculpt, or come up with an interesting work. However from viewing his work, it showed me that you can have fun with whatever you are doing and change it up however you want. Nothing is permanent and you can always unfix a fixed identity to give it another meaning. In this case, I can change a part of my outfit, makeup, or routine to really express myself in different ways with different techniques.

WK 4-Classmate Conversation-Katherine Shinno

This week’s classmate conversation was with Katherine Shinno. Katherine is currently a first year in CSULB majoring in Communications. She grew up in South Pasadena with her family and one older sister who also graduated from California State University Long Beach. Katherine’s hobbies are hanging out with friends and family, going to amusement parks, hiking, and exploring and finding new places to eat at. She enjoys a variety of stuff such as playing and just lounging around and watch Friends in her free time. Her favorite food is burger and fries which she thinks is the best combination of food one can get. Her favorite color is blue, but to be specific she loves baby blue and teal. Katherine is very fun and outgoing, she loves to listen to music as well. Her favorite artist is Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Her sense of style varies from day to day, but Katherine loves to mix up her outfit depending on how she feels that day. Her favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and Pacsun. Lastly, an interesting fact about Katherine is that her celebrity crush is Dylan O’ Brien.

Katherine (left), me (right)

katherine shin

WK 4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing

This week’s art experience was to graffiti write on either the legal graffiti wall in Venice Beach or just on a piece of cardboard or wood. I chose to do my graffiti writing on a long piece of cardboard just cause I didn’t have enough time to go to Venice. This experience was extremely fun because I’ve never actually worked with spray paint before. I used pink spray paint to write my first name ‘Cheryl’ in bubble letters, then outlined it with a baby blue color. I then used a pistachio colored spray paint and just added some decorations on the side of the cardboard. It was fun to use spray paint as a form of art because when I was spraying my name I could tell how fun and easy it was to handle the paint. It felt easy and interesting to create a picture or a word using spray paint because the end product comes out looking quite unique. Unlike other forms of art materials such as paint, markers, or sculptures, spray paint comes out a different way. This graffiti writing experience helped me open my eyes to see how art can be made with literally anything.

graffiti writing

WK 3- Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: joshybehr

Josh Vasquez is currently an undergraduate studying at California State University Long Beach in the painting and drawing program. Josh grew up in Downtown Los Angeles where his love for art started. As a child, Josh loved to paint and be creative with his art work. However, as his art pieces matured, so did Josh. He had a sense of what his style of art has become and continued to push himself to bigger and better works.

In this piece, Josh used a variety of materials such as a plastic trash bag, spray paint, sharpies, and paint markers. This piece had a lot of straight lines as well as circular curves. The texture of the spray paint and the sharpie were evident especially when they were layered on top of each other. The different textures of the materials gave off a soft yet harsh tone to the overall piece. The color scheme was mainly the use of black and white which was another factor of the contrast between the materials used. Towards the bottom right of the work, the circular curves started to look more tangled and intertwined. Also, the white spray paint looked soft against the dark, sharp black sharpies and paint markers.

Josh Vasquez’s inspiration for this work was the abstract image of using a skull and a flower. He favored the idea of creating two opposite ideas combining them to be a whole. The black and white colors also played a role in this piece by showing that these two colors are completely different; like the skull and flower. He showed how black and white were separate ideas like the skull and flower, and how as hard as you try to make them the same, they don’t mix. While this art piece was created, Josh was in a meditative state. Although he was in a frustrated mood, he put his mind to a blank and focused more on what he had to do to his work.

I felt that this exhibition really resonated with who I am as a person. From viewing a variety of art work from very different artists, it helped me realize that the best thing you can create is from your originality and experience. I always thought that in order to create a series of great art pieces, one had to be born with the skills of an artist. However as the day went on, I saw that these artists are just normal people and that if you have a passion in something go for it with both feet. Be confident and don’t mind being different.

WK 3- Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Van Gilder

For my classmate conversation, I chose Tiffany Van Gilder. She is currently a first year majoring in journalism. She grew up in a place called Cimi Valley and enjoys a variety of hobbies. Tiffany is the only child, but she’s content with that because she is very close to her mom. Her favorite hobbies are watching movies, photography, camping, hiking, and any outdoorsy activities. She likes to be active yet sometimes she likes to lounge around and stream Netflix. Tiffany’s favorite Netflix show is a tie between The Office and One Tree Hill, she’s obsessed! In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and just catching up over lunch or dinner. Her future goal is to be an editor in a magazine, but if that doesn’t work out, she wishes to coordinate event planning. Lastly, an interesting fact about Tiffany is that she is left handed and when she was in middle school she used to play the clarinet.

Me (left) and Tiffany (right)


WK 3-Art Experience- Snapchat

This art experience with snapchat was so creative! I never thought that using snapchat, an everyday essential on social media, can be portrayed as a kind of art. In this activity, our class met up at the SOA courtyard and were given instructions to take two snapchats of your own and draw on the pictures or use any tools on the app to add to the picture. We then had to screenshot two of our class mate’s snapchat of their drawing and post it on here as well. This was fun because it really allowed us to just be ourselves and be creative at the same time. The most fun part was that we could take any picture we wanted such as your friend, the tree, the sky, an art work, anything!

The following are my snapchats:

snapchat 1 snapchat 2

Valentina Ramirez and Tiffany Van Gilder’s snapchat:

snapchat 3 snapchat 4